Edam origin was at a dam at the water Ye or E which poured into the Zuiderzee. Around 1230 the channels from the Zuiderzee where blocked. At the dam the goods needed to be transhipped and people needed to pay toll. This is the beginning of the trade and Edam was able to grow. Shipbuilders, fishing- and cheese industry started growing.

Edam Cheese Market

After granting the right to have a cheese venture there has been a cheese market until 1922. Edam cheese was transported to the market in small boats. After reaching Edam, the famous cheese bearers of Edam where brought to the market place, qualified and sold. With a horse and carriage the cheese was then transported to the cheese warehouses to ripen before consumption was possible.

In 1989 the cheese market was re-introduced again and during the summer months (July and August) every Wednesday between 10.30 and 12.30 a touristical version of the cheese market is being held in the historical centre of Edam.


Edam lies just North of Amsterdam at the IJsselmeer, just minutes away of Volendam. From Ring A10 – Noord (exit S116, Volendam/Marken) it is approx. 17 km via the N247. When you have reached Edam, take the first exit Edam to the right (Singelweg). After +/- 400 meters, go left (Burgemeester Versteeghsingel). After 200 meters turn left (Baanstraat). Drive straight through until the end. Here you go right (Voorhaven).  As De Harmonie is located on the other side of the canal go left twice at the end of the street. You will find De Harmonie on your right handside.